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At Highlands

Witness The First Glimpse of The Sun

Every morning, as the world awakens, your home greets the sun’s tender rays first. A privilege reserved just for you. Presenting Aarunya Villas at Highlands, a gated villa community that has more to offer every day.

With versatile lifestyle-friendly villas that beckon your imagination, design a home gym, an art room or a home office.

The choice is yours.

Where Nature Beckons To Every Sense

The sensory-focused outdoors is built to immerse all five senses, improved well-being, offering holistic nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. From the serene meditation decks nestled amidst verdant greenery to the vibrant energy of bustling sports facilities and outdoor activities, Aarunya’s landscape blends with the surrounding elements to create an immersive living experience

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